Bidari Ehsan Sdn Bhd (In Liquidation)

Information and update about Bidari Ehsan Sdn Bhd (in Liquidation)

Joint Management Committee for JMB SIBERTEL BANGI

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Dateline for Submission of Proof of Debts form – 11.1.2015

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    Enclosed a copy of advertisement in TheStar Publication pertaining to dateline for submission of proof of debts form to the Liquidator of Bidari Ehsan Sdn Bhd (In Liquidation) for your attention. KIndly submit your proof of debts form on/before 11.1.2015.Dateline for POD Submission
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Offer to convert Sibertel Hostel into Apartment/Condominium

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Hi all, happy new an argumentative essay about school uniforms year to you guys. We wish to inform that we have received an official letter to informed that Ever Land has intention to joint venture together with purchaser of Sibertel Apartment to convert the existing Sibertel Apartment into another type of commercial property. Herewith we enclosed a copy of their letter of offer for your attention. Letter of Offer to Redeveloped Sibertel Apartment

We shall wait for their complete/details of offer and you as purchaser are not bound to accept his offer if you think offer is not meet your expectation. Thanks and cheers.

KBI offers to taking over the management of Sibertel Apartment

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We have received an offer letter from academic assignment writing Koperasi Belia Islam for taking over management of Sibertel Apartment. Enclosed a copy of the said letter for your attention. Kindly an argumentative essay on the death penalty take note that, we are still waiting for their details proposal. Thereafter, we/KBI shall summon a meeting to disclose it and obtain the consent from every purchaser of Sibertel Apartment.


Strategic planning to revive Sibertel Apartment

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Strategic planning for Reviving of abortion research paper writing help Sibertel Apartment – with assist of Drago Two

In view of application of formation of Joint Management Body been turned down by Majlis Perbandaran Kajang (MPKJ). The Liquidator has appointed Drago Two to be a property manager to manage the Sibertel Apartment with the conditions that they are not allow to rent/lease/sell the Sibertel Apartment without the consent of purchaser of Sibertel Apartment.

Strategic 1

Searching for potential tenant.
Utilisied the deposit received from tenant to refurbish/renovate the unit of Sibertel Apartment.

Strategic 2

Utilise the remaining funds (proceed from assets against Section 292 and application of Strata Title) with top up funds from purchaser of Sibertel Apartment (if any) to revive back the Sibertel Apartment with the following conditions:-

1) Creditors of the Company has no objection for Liquidator to lend out their dividend to revive back the Sibertel Apartment

2) Purchasers of Sibertel Apartment will undertake to repay back to creditors of the Company after Sibertel was rented out (after refurbishment and renovation) or disposed of to other buyer.

3) if remaining funds is no enough for whole Sibertel, the Liquidator will select (draw) certain block/plot of land to do the renovation and refurbishment. Thereafter rent out the said block to collect the rental and do renovate for another block/plot of land and keep on doing it until whole Sibertel Apartment fully renovated and rented out.

Strategic 3

Utilize the maintenance fees collected from purchasers to perform basic renovation or refurbishment. Based on calculation, RM20 per month for 4655 units x 6 months = RM558 600, if since last year October 2012 until December 2013, we suppose should collected RM20 per month for 4655 units x 15 months = RM1,396,500.





Maintenance Accounts

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Kindly take note that abraham lincoln research paper we have opened the following maintenance accounts for purchaser of Sibertel Apartment to pay their maintenance fees, quit rent, insurance and etc.

Maintenance Accounts for Block A – U of Sibertel Apartment Bangi, Kajang

Block A-G
Malayan Banking Berhad a/c no. 514057 663821
Block H-K
Malayan Banking Berhad a/c no. 514057 663838
Block L-O
Malayan Banking Berhad a/c no. 514057 663844
Block P-U
Malayan Banking Berhad a/c no. 514057 663851
Please take note that, if you have make a payments to those account via bank in, kindly contact Drago Two Property Consultancy and request a copy of receipt.

Notification of Appointment of Liquidator

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Dear All Creditors

Notification of academic essays Appointment of Liquidator

Attached please find our letter dated 13th May 2013 pertaining to the appointment of AUGUSTINE A/L T.K. JAMES to be a liquidator on March 13, 2013 to replace Mr. Sha Thiam Fook.

Kindly note that there will be a creditors meeting to be held in this coming August 2013 and we will inform you the venue of the said meeting in due course.

Basically, the agenda of the said meeting will be discussed the following matters:-

1) Status Report on the Liquidation for previous Liquidator and existing Liquidator
2) Events that took placed during the period where previous Liquidator in charge and existing Liquidator in charge
3) Previous Liquidator and Existing Liquidator Account Receipt and Payments
4) Other matters related to Bidari Ehsan Sdn Bhd (In Liquidation)
5) Appointment of property manager to manage Sibertel Apartment
6) Other add-on matter.

Please note that you are welcome to add on any other matter we have not mentioned above. If you wish to liaise directly to our Liquidator prior to the above meeting with regards to your own concern i.e. propose any party to act on behalf of you Sibertel Apartment, we shall arrange for the mini meeting to ease your concerns.

Please note that Liquidator will not bias to any single party in performing his duties on Bidari Ehsan Sdn Bhd (In Liquidation).


New Liquidator

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Notification of Appointment of Liquidator

We wish to inform 1000 word essay pages that AUGUSTINE A/L T.K. JAMES, (NRIC NO. 570902-10-6061), an approval liquidator be appointed as the Liquidator of The Company to replaced advantages of buying essays online safe the present Liquidator, the late Mr. SHA THIAM FOOK (NRIC NO. 501102-06-5119), who was appointed pursuant to the Court Order dated 22.9.2011. We hereby attached a copy of Form 70 for your attention.

Liquidator passed away

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We wish to inform that academic writing paper our beloved Mr. Sha Thiam Fook, Liquidator passed away on 4th December 2012.

Our panel of solicitors will advise us in respect of 24 hour essay writing service his (Mr. Sha Thiam Fook) duties and responsibilities as Liquidator and course of actions will be taken accordingly.

Meanwhile, all transactions/announcements made prior to accounting homework 4 December 2012 will be suspended until further notice.

In the meantime, our office will remain the status quo as Liquidator until new Liquidator Appointed.

Liquidator and JMB committee

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There will be a meeting a argumentative essay (perjumpaan) between Sha Advisory with the Committe of JMB (elected on 3.3.2012). We will sending out the a time you helped someone essay invitation via SMS. We will further inform you the venue and date. If you have any suggestion on venue of meeting and date and time, we welcome you to post here.
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